Looking to vend unusual items? From an unmanned tool crib to safety supplies to computer time to campground showers, we can help!

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 "Keeper Care" system from AIS
  • Ideal for tool cribs or safety supplies.
  • Software and hardware available to use employees ID cards to track material usage.
  • Traditional glass front or locker style machines for odd sized items.
  •  Sensit technology for guaranteed product delivery.
  • Great for remote locations or non-standard hours.
  • Keep track of inventory and bring costs down.



 What are you trying to vend?
  • Everything from photo copies to printer access to computer time.
  • Touch screen availability.
  • Use cash, credit cards, student cards, employee cards, access numbers.
  • Proven reliable.
                                             S.E.M. Shower Timer  Coin Operated Timer Box from SEM
  • ideal form campground showers.
  • can be used for computer and printer access.
  • easy to install.
  • adjustable time period from 1 sec to 30 minutes per coin.
  • stainless steel contruction.


Trying to vend something different? Let us know and we'll explore the possibilities.

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